Upgrading your Spinal System – with Jon Mason, Chiropractor

An Online Course spread over 3 evenings

13th, 14th & 15th April 2021

7pm – 8.30pm



Learn how to make energetic adjustments to your spinal system, thereby improving your overall health & wellbeing, and allowing your body to anchor the higher frequencies coming in more efficiently.

Many of us may think of the Spine as simply being comprised of vertebrae & disks, however the Spinal System in its entirety not only comprises of these, but also the spinal cord & nerves, which connect to our nervous system and the organs of the body.

Supporting the Spinal System in functioning at its optimum thus has a wide-reaching effect throughout our whole body, and also a positive influence on our mental & emotional wellbeing.


Outline Course Structure:

The Course will be structured as follows:

Tues. 13th April 2021 – 7pm–8.30 pm: The Energetic Significance of the Spinal Anatomy

Weds. 14th April 2021 – 7pm–8.30 pm: Becoming Familiar with our Spinal System

Thurs. 15th April 2021 – 7pm–8.30 pm: Learning to Make Energetic Adjustments to our Spinal System



The Course will be delivered via Zoom and there will be an opportunity for live interaction on the night or to email in your questions for discussion in advance.

Replays of each day will be emailed out shortly afterwards, for those unable to attend live.


As with all of my courses & events, my intention is for no-one to be excluded for lack of funds, and so this event will be available on a donations’ basis (suggested donation £50).

In order to allow for more personalised attention and live interaction the participant numbers will be restricted to 25 attendees.


To reserve your space email me at: