Summer Solstice Event


Event Overview



Monday 21st June: 7pm – 8pm UK time



Join Jon Mason at 7pm on Monday 21st June for a potent one-hour Summer Solstice Event helping us tune into and move with the cycles of Nature.

The Summer Solstice marks a powerful turning point, the longest day of the year, when the tilt of the Earth means that in the northern hemisphere we are at the closest point to the Sun & are bathed in the Sun’s fiery energy. It officially ushers in the first day of summer.

Traditionally regarded as a time of celebration, magic & mystery, the Summer Solstice is also a time when we honour the light and our connection to the Sun & the Earth.



This Event will be delivered via Zoom and for those unable to attend live, a replay will be sent out shortly afterwards.



As with all of Jon’s courses & events, the intention is for no-one to be excluded for lack of funds, and so this event will be available on a donations’ basis (suggested donation £10).

To book your place please click on the button below, which is for the suggested donation (as this is how our current system works).  Should you prefer to make a lower donation, however, please email indicating your preferred amount and we will provide a coupon code.