‘Living the Love that You Are’

An Online Course spread over 3 evenings

2nd, 9th & 16th November 2021

7pm – 8pm



Join Jon Mason for this 3-part evening event on ‘Living the Love that You Are’.

This Event helps connect us more strongly with the Love that is at our Core, the Love that is our very Essence, our Source – a Love that stands the test of time.

The focus of this Event is not on learning to love & accept yourself as you are, including your ancestral patterns & other programmes you may run – for although these may impact our lives, they come and go, and none of them are You.

The aim, instead, is to help you more deeply access your true Self, the Love within, to connect with it more fully so that you may begin to live it more fully and it starts to permeate all areas of your life. A natural by-product of this may, of course, be that many of the programmes and patterns dissolve, in the light of this Love.

The Event includes a series of Meditations to help us get in tune with and accelerate us towards living the Love that we are.


Outline Course Structure:

The Course will be structured as follows:

Tues. 2nd Nov. 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Introduction

Tues. 9th Nov. 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Going Deeper

Tues. 16th Nov. 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Integration



The Course will be delivered via Zoom and there will be an opportunity to email in your questions for discussion in advance.

Replays of each day will be emailed out shortly afterwards, for those unable to attend live.



As with all of my courses & events, my intention is for no-one to be excluded for lack of funds, and so this event will be available on a donations’ basis (suggested donation £30)

To book your place please click on the button below, which is for the suggested donation (as this is how our current system works). 

Should you prefer to make a donation of a different amount, however, please email:info@jonmason.net indicating your preferred amount and we will provide a coupon code.