Developing Intuition


An Online Course spread over 5 evenings (one per week)


4th,11th,18th,25th May & 1st June 2021


At a time of huge energetic shifts and as we stand on the threshold of a new consciousness, many of us may be struggling to discern what is appropriate for us, or what is our Truth.

So much has recently been restructured & shifted, that we may no longer be sure of the way forward or what our true purpose is.

Join Jon Mason for a journey of discovery, as you learn to tap more fully into your inner wisdom & guidance, and into a depth of resources that have always been present, but that you may not have been fully aware of.

This course is beneficial for anyone who would like to discover more about their intuitive abilities and learn to navigate life with a greater sense of grace & ease.


Outline Course Structure:

The Course will be structured as follows:

Tues. 4th May 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Introduction to Intuition (where does it come from & how do we access it).

Tues. 11th May 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Accessing Clear Intuition.

Tues. 18th May 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Distinguishing Intuition from Intellect.

Tues. 25th May 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Playing with our Intuition (including divinatory tools).

Tues. 1st June 2021 – 7pm–8pm: Integrating our innate intuitive abilities into every part of our Lives.



The Course will be delivered via Zoom and replays of each day will be emailed out shortly afterwards, for those unable to attend live.



As with all of my courses & events, my intention is for no-one to be excluded for lack of funds, and so this event will be available on a donations’ basis (suggested donation £50).


To reserve your space email me at: