Upgrading your Spinal System

– Diving Deeper

with Jon Mason, Chiropractor

An Online Course spread over 3 evenings

5th, 6th & 7th October 2021

7pm – 8.30pm



This course is being offered following requests from clients who participated in our earlier introductory course (April 2021) on ‘Upgrading your Spinal System’ and who would like to explore the subject more fully.

‘Upgrading your Spinal System’ looked at how to make energetic adjustments to our spinal systems, with a focus on improving overall health & wellbeing and allowing our bodies to anchor the higher frequencies coming in more efficiently.

‘Upgrading your Spinal System – Diving Deeper’ explores the connection between the different parts of the spine and the internal systems & functions of the body, including the internal organs. Charts showing the links between the different spinal vertebrae and the parts of the body will also be provided.

It is not necessary to have attended ‘Upgrading Your Spinal System’ to benefit from this course as Evening 1 will include a refresher on this, explaining, illustrating & recapping on the main principles.


Outline Course Structure:

The Course will be structured as follows:

Tues. 5th Oct. 2021 – 7pm–8.30 pm: Exploring the Energetic Significance of the Spinal Anatomy

Weds. 6th Oct. 2021 – 7pm–8.30 pm: Becoming Familiar with our Spinal System & its Connections to the Internal Systems of the Body

Thurs. 7th Oct. 2021 – 7pm–8.30 pm: Learning to Make Energetic Adjustments to our Spine & Energising the Connections to our Internal Systems



The Course will be delivered via Zoom and there will be an opportunity for live interaction on the night or to email in your questions for discussion in advance.

Replays of each day will be emailed out shortly afterwards, for those unable to attend live.



As with all my courses & events, my intention is for no-one to be excluded for lack of funds, and so this event will be available on a donations’ basis (suggested donation £50).

To allow for more personalised attention and live interaction, the participant numbers will be restricted to 25 attendees.

To book your place please click on the button below, which is for the suggested donation (as this is how our current system works). 

Should you prefer to make a donation of a different amount, however, please email:info@jonmason.net indicating your preferred amount and we will provide a coupon code.