The work Jon and I have done together has proved of great value both personally and professionally.

Not only does he provide very timely reminders of ´how things are´ he is very good at cutting through an issue to get to its core, I’m calmer and less reactive as a result and I’ve restructured how my business is run with the result my hours have halved my clients are as happy as ever and i now have a social and personal life.

The time I’ve spent working with Jon has been a great investment in all senses of the word.

Alan Dolan



Since working with Jon, I have noticed much clearer  thinking, the business turnover has massively exceeded what I thought was possible and I no longer bring the office stuff home with me!

Adam G.




When I started working with Jon I was in a very low and black place following the unexpected death of my son.
The other approaches I tried made no difference, however, little by little working with Jon I began to see life with some joy and happiness again.
I am so grateful for his help and would recommend him when anyone needs support in difficult times or situations.


Jon has helped me in many ways, mainly understanding myself and how I see myself.

I have found that my heart has opened and where it was difficult to really feel loving before, now I notice that I am more loving and compassionate to others.


I  found my way to Jon in 2011 as I had physical issues impacting my life, stemming from a childhood injury to my right foot, which was run over by a bus. The recurrence of this ‘old’ injury was to mark the start of an amazing journey of transformation for me.

There were many ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ on this journey, however perhaps my darkest day was when I was effectively written off medically, my physio having asked the hospital to re-break my foot – which they refused to do – as it was, indeed, a miracle that I could walk at all… I was in so much pain at this time, I could only lie down or stand up, but not sit, and lifting anything more than a glass of water was impossible. You could see a huge S-bend in my spine as my whole body was out of alignment from my right foot to my left jaw.

By some act of grace I found my way to Jon early on in this journey and over a period of a few years Jon helped bring my physical body back into alignment. He did this through a combination of chiropractic work and work on ancestral patterning and thought patterns. At times it felt like a slow process, however gradually my physical structure started to improve.

This was a beautiful, transformational process for me, and one that I still wonder at today – for as I came back into alignment with my True Self, free of many of the patterns holding me back, so my body miraculously began to reflect this true alignment. In short, as Jon and I worked on the mental/emotional issues, so my physical body began to reflect this work.

I am still on the journey, however I am now leading a full and active life again – working full time, including international travel, and enjoying my outdoor hobbies again, including long walks. I can’t remember the last time I took a painkiller and I have since seen the same physio and she had just one word for me – “Amazing!”


V. Evans