My Work
Over my 20 plus years of working with clients I have noted that both physical and mental/emotional wellbeing are very closely connected. Indeed many of our leaders in the wellness field are adamant that all work should be focused on both; they often refer to this as body-mind.
I have found that many people tend to run patterns of thought and this can result in sub-optimal physical and emotional health. As we become aware of these patterns and understand more fully how we construct our world, we are able to achieve a level of clarity and well being that we never thought possible.
In my view just as we inherit our DNA we also tend to inherit dominant thought patterns. This skews the way we see the world and we somehow are not able to reach our full potential in life. We may find that we are brilliant at work but find relationships challenging or we find it the other way around. The work that I offer helps reset these patterns and allows us to rise to full potential in all areas of life.